A plot overview of a dolls house

Linde says she feels empty because she has no occupation; she hopes that Torvald may be able to help her obtain employment. Their conversation reveals that the Helmers have had to be careful with money for many years, but that Torvald has recently obtained a new position at the bank where he works that will afford them a more comfortable lifestyle.

Torvald chastises her for always wanting more money, comparing her to her father, and wondering where it goes.

Act Two begins the next day, on Christmas Day. Krogstad is thrilled, and offers to ask for his letter to Torvald back, as he now regrets his earlier actions. She tells Krogstad that now that she is free of her own familial obligations and wishes to be with Krogstad and care for his children.

Rank arrives and talks happily about how much he enjoyed the party, especially the wine. Nora Helmer enters her well-furnished living room—the setting of the entire play—carrying several packages.

Krogstad comes to meet Mrs. Rank and Torvald exit to talk in his study. Rank, Torvald, and Mrs. Linde, however, tells him to leave it, saying that the truth must come out.

In a panic, Nora tells Mrs. It is Christmas Eve, and a porter delivers a Christmas tree. In her agitated emotional state, she dances wildly and violently, displeasing Torvald. Linde explains that for years she had to care for her sick mother and her two younger brothers.

Linde tells Nora that she and Krogstad used to be in love, and asks that Nora distract Torvald while Mrs. Krogstad leaves, and Nora and Torvald return from the ball. She explains how when they were first married, Torvald had to work very hard, and he became sick.

She has paid off the debt in installments, secretly taking jobs and saving money from her allowance from Torvald. They live in a big house with assistants, such as a nurse, Anne-Marie, and a housemaid. They lived in Italy for a year while Nora cared for Torvald and their newborn son.

Torvald ironically says to his wife that often criminals are known for having mothers who lied. Three years ago her husband passed away, so she had to find jobs to support herself. Then Nora confesses a secret to Kristine that she has never told anyone.

Krogstad blackmails Nora, threatening to reveal her crime and to bring shame and disgrace on both Nora and her husband if she does not prevent Torvald from firing him. Linde leaves, and Nora begs Torvald to help her rehearse the tarantella.

After Torvald leaves, Nora plays with her children a bit before Krogstad returns to the front door. It has been very stressful for her, but it was also empowering that she borrowed this money and took charge like a man.

Nora tries to persuade him not to fire Krogstad, but is unable to. Retrieved September 27, Then Nora tells her husband that Kristine has come looking for secretarial work, and does he think he could find her a job?

At the same time, another visitor has arrived, this one unknown. The maid brings a note from Krogstad saying he no longer wishes to blackmail Nora; the IOU is enclosed. Krogstad states that Torvald wants to fire him from his position at the bank and alludes to his own poor reputation.

Linde urges Nora to tell her husband the truth, and then she leaves as well. Linde then depart, leaving Nora by herself.

A Doll's House Act 1 Summary

Linde about her first year of marriage to Torvald.Free Essay: Analysing the Plot and Sub Plot of A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen As another year goes by I am now writing a piece of coursework for AS drama. Act one of the play A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen takes place in the living room of the Helmer family who lives in Norway during the Christmas season in the 's.

Torvald. Study Guide for A Doll’s House A Doll's House study guide contains a biography of Henrik Ibsen, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Written in by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House is a three act play about a seemingly typical housewife who becomes disillusioned and dissatisfied with her condescending husband.

Analysis: Plot Analysis. BACK; NEXT ; Most good stories start with a fundamental list of ingredients: the initial situation, conflict, complication, climax, suspense, denouement, and conclusion.

Great writers sometimes shake up the recipe and add some spice. Summary. Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a story by story Summary and Analysis.

A plot overview of a dolls house
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