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Therefore its management and leadership who will have to decide what, when and how to change organisation to meet those objectives and missions and how they respond to any resistance in organisation.

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For a change to be successful and complete the desired changes, there has to be someone in an organisation who has power to do so, who has power to manage everything, has ability to lead from the front. It is a basic conception and usual perception that there will be resistance to change despite a positive outcomes from people within business organisation as it will directly effects them, they will try to oppose or resist the change and it will impact an organisation in attaining those desired vision and mission objectives.

If management of change fail to properly manage change, it might result in huge loss like loss of human capital which may lead in loss competitive advantage, loss of financial A strategy for organizational change essay resources or may even in worst cases lead to bankruptcy. Employees resistance can help organisations to generate good ideas for change and prevention of bad A strategy for organizational change essay, it will make senior management to stop and think for better Berube, This can be achieved in various ways as given below: For an effective and successful change management, management of change need to plan strategically to manage and reduces those forces of resistance and increase forces in favour for change.

Power can be seen from social theory and organisational theory perspective. Power and Resistance In any organisation, power is considered as ability of an employee to make things done from other employee s and that they will have to do without any resistance or objection Fiona GRAETZ, But use of hard, direct and confrontational intervention the explicit use power should last option, and it is not a desirable way to overcome resistance, however it depend on the circumstances like when co is facing any bankruptcy than it may be the best and suitable option to use explicit power them realise that why change it necessity for organisation.

Initial big task for management is to identify all the resistance position and its root cause, once management of organisation find reasons for resistance than management should try to reduce those forces of resistance and increase forces in favour for resistance. There can be many reasons for the resistance of change as given below: Ethics of Managerial and Resistance positions Every organisation has clear constitution and policies about how organisation wants its employees to behave.

In other words resistance is overcome by the use of power. In all what power does the change leader have to impose change? Once change is implemented, the next step is to monitor the effectiveness of change and this can be achieved in Conventional way comparing movements of share price any positive change in share price in stock marketmarket share whether change resulted in increase in market share of an organisationthough profitability increase in sales, increases in profit margins, reduction in costcash flow what are the major causes of cash out flow previously as compared to current one, any changes in cash in hand and overall organisations budgets whether budgets and targets of an organisation are achieved and what are their positive or negative result as compared to before change operation.

Organisation who can handle resistance and have the ability to manage can lead to not only organisation success but also increase shareholder wealth and as well employees or organisation. In modern era economy, organisational change is necessary in order to cope and to remain exist in the business, it happens continuously due to rapid change in business environment either internal or external.

Sometimes resistance to change can play crucial positive role in the effective change by taking resistants opinion and advice on change. In social perspective Karl marx viewed power as intentional misuse of power and continuous use of exploitation to employees of an organisation who are powerless in capitalist system and it provide unequal power distribution which is opening doors for resistance to those who are powerless, which further Max Weber acknowledges.

Lewin suggest change can be manage through his three step process; step 1 Unfreezing: It is possible to make deals with other parties as being in charge of managing change management should ensure that deal does not affect other parties position Jr. Without change it will be hard for an organisation to grab new opportunities, may result in losing competitive staff, far away from meeting business objectives, losing productivity.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Management work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. About this resource This Management essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Employees want justification over the change Berube,and this is one of main reason for the resistance that they are unaware of area of change and their benefits and that is the reason they are prone to manipulation.

Change is not always easy and people organisation may resist if their voice suppressed and as a result a resistance is created. Management and resistance position should try to avoid dirty politics which may lead to unethical decision for other party, management make sure that they provide such environment which create openness and honest commitment and participation from resistant and they can trust each other.

Managers and employees are encouraged to follow their personal values as well as values of an organisation but use of power and politics for decision for personal benefit is considered unethical approach Jr. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

Three Steps to Creating a Change Management Strategy

As every situation cannot be part of constitution and policies than ethics play vital role in organisation, which is based on moral principles basic thinking of what is right and wrong. Monitoring through Benchmarking and it involve comparison with internal previous benchmarking, industry or competitive benchmarking and process benchmarking Fiona GRAETZ, It is considered very important for an organisation perspective in terms of success, for better customer satisfaction and creating new competitive advantages, eliminating those activities which does add value to organisation operation.Corporate Strategy And Organizational Change Business Essay Introduction.

Change is a vital element in an individual’s life in order to progress. Papers - A Strategy for Organizational Change. Change Management Essay - Change Management Plan No matter which type of industry is discussed change management is an essential component in today's ever-changing business environment.

Essay on Diagnosing Organizations. Lewin further offers a strategy for organizational change: identifying both types of forces, weakening the restraining forces, strengthening the driving forces (“refreezing” the organization), implementing the change and then enhancing the stabilizing influences (“freezing” the organization in the.

Management of Organizational Strategy Change - Change Management. Change Chalenge And Management Essay - Change, Challenge, and Management INTRODUCTION Few words can strike more fear into the heart of an individual than “change.”.

Free Essay: Organizational Change Management Significant organizational change occurs when an organization changes its overall strategy for success, adds or. Organizational Change Models and Change Strategies Martin H.

Pham Amberton University To remain competitive in today’s economy companies must be ready to manage organizational change effectively and efficiently. With the pace of change continually increasing, everyone is.

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