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Their chiefs are p. Abraham, called Abu Tahir, presides over the ninth, and R. We have no information about the locality of these synagogues or of other communal institutions of whose existence we know.

Menachem, the president of the university, R. Two days to Nisibin, a large city plentifully watered, and containing about one thousand Jews. Omar Ben Al-Khataab erected a large and handsome cupola over it, and nobody is allowed to introduce any image or painting into this place, it being set aside for prayers only.

Two days to Juba, which is Pumbeditba, in Nehardea; it contains about two thousand Jews, some of them eminent scholars. You there find eighty halls of the eighty eminent kings who were all called Imperator, from King Tarquin to King Pepin, the father of Charles Charlemagnewho first conquered Spain and wrested it from the Mohammedans.

Thanaejm is a very strong city, fifteen square miles in extent, and large enough to allow agriculture to be carried on p. The majority of the Jews in Gallipoli were peddlers and merchants, but there were also wine manufacturers who sent their products to Istanbul.

Nothing similar had been seen before in the kingdom of Persia; and when the King of that country was made acquainted with this occurrence, his Comparing benjamin tudela and habib ibn was kindled, for, said he, "in the time of my predecessors no host like this ever issued from the desert; I will go and will extinguish their name from the earth.

A list of those condemned in Tudela by the Inquisition, known as La Manta, still hung in the cathedral at the close of the 18th century. The city contains twenty-eight Jewish synagogues, situated partly in Bagdad and partly in Al-Khorkh, on the other side of the river Tigris, which runs through and divides the city.

The community was also depleted by a plague which struck the town during the s. During the 14th century Tudela had several outstanding personalities. One of the horsemen of the retinue of the King enticed a Jew of that country, named R.

The chief of its two hundred Israelites are R. Jechiel, who resides in Trastevere, and R. It is, however, a considerable market, being the spot to which the Indian merchants and those of the islands bring their commodities.

The latter went without fear, and when brought before the court he was asked, "Art thou the king p. A considerable trade is carried on here by merchants of all countries.

They shouted on their side of the bridge until at last a man came forth to inquire what they wanted or to whom they belonged. It is four parasangs thence to the city of Beziers, which contains a congregation of learned men, the principals of which are R.

It is four parasangs hence to Lunel, a city containing also a holy congregation of Jews, who employ all their time upon the study of the law.

The King commanded that, in honor of Daniel, nobody should be allowed to fish in the river one mile on each side of the coffin.

Joseph Ibn Pilath, who may be called the prop of the university, R. He ordered stones to be taken from the original wall of Sion for that purpose, and twenty workmen were hired at stated wages, who broke stones from the very foundation of the walls of Sion.

There they lay until evening, when another wind rushed forth, from which they heard a voice like that of a man calling aloud, "Get up, and go forth from this place. A place of public worship was erected on the spot, open to every one who desired to say his prayers, whether he be Jew or Gentile; and the coffin of Daniel is suspended from the bridge unto this very day.

Whenever he pays a visit to the King, he is escorted by numerous horsemen, both Jews and Gentiles, and a crier proclaims aloud: In the local Jews ransomed an Ashkenazi woman from Eastern Europe. From the third hour of the day people shut themselves up in their houses until the evening, at which time everybody goes out.

Very extensive commerce is carried on in this place, to which traders of all countries and languages resort; the country about it is very flat. The streets and markets are lighted up, and the inhabitants employ all the night upon their business, which they are prevented from doing in the daytime by the excessive heat.

There still exists in the vicinity of the ark a synagogue of Esra the scribe, which is visited by the Jews of the city on the 9th of Ah. Samuel, son of Khilam, and his brother, reside there.

This synagogue is of remote antiquity, having been built by Daniel himself; it is constructed of solid stones and bricks. This wall contains as many openings as there are days in the solar year, and the sun in gradual succession throws its light into the openings, which are divided into twelve degrees, equal to the number of the hours of the day, so that by this contrivance everybody may know what time it is.

The palace of the Calif at Bagdad is three miles in extent. Three parasangs to Sufurieh, the Tsippori of antiquity. The authority of the prince of the captivity extends over the countries of Mesopotamia, Persia, Khorassan, Seba, which is Yemen, Diarbekb, all Armenia and the land of Kota near Mount Ararat, over the country of the Alanians, which is shut in by mountains, and has no outlet except by the iron gates which were made by Alexander, over Sikbia and all the provinces of the Turkomans unto the Aspisian mountains, over the country of the Georgians unto the river Oxus these are the Girgasim of Scripture, and believe in Christianityand as far as the frontiers of the provinces and cities of Tibet and India.

This congregation forms part of those who live in the mountains of Chaphton, and which amount to more than a hundred, extending to the frontiers of Media.

Joseph, who ranges fifth in the university, R.

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Telmas is also a city of considerable magnitude; it contains about one hundred thousand Jews, is strongly fortified, and situated between two very high mountains. Solomon, son of R.Desperately Seeking the Jewish Kingdom of Ethiopia: Benjamin of Tudela and the Horn of Africa (Twelfth Century) By François-Xavier Fauvelle-Aymar Introduction The isolated mention of the existence of a powerful Jewish polity in the Horn of Africa by Jewish traveller Benjamin of Tudela in the twelfth century AD has.

This is a brief note on the evolution of ghazal from a poetic form into a genre of light classical music. The beginnings of this evolution can be traced to the early 20th century.

Distribution of Jews, based on Benjamin de Tuleda (1170)

“Pact of Ibn Muslama” () from military commander, Habib ibn Muslama to the Christians of Tblisi in Georgia “Pact of Umar” ( but probably 9th c. for Abbasids) by Claiph Umar I to Christians and Jews in Syria.

Benjamin of Tudela, Book of Travels. Distribution of Jews, based on Benjamin de Tuleda () Benjamin de Tudela lived in Spain in and travelled in the Mediterranean and Middle East. His report gives one of the best estimates of number of Jews in many cities in this period.

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the transmission and reception of benjamin of tudela’s book of travels from the twelfth century to a thesis submitted to the university of manchester for the degree of doctor of philosophy in the faculty of humanities.

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Comparing benjamin tudela and habib ibn
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