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If a company has a building and office on its own other than rented office, it gives a good impression and the business stands out among others. The charge for this service will be Tk. Maybe all her problems are not taken care of, and she certainly does not have the perfect life.

Many foreign investors are willing to invest in telecom sector of Bangladesh. While working for fixed asset project for three months in Banglalink, I have come to know about their importance of fixed asset. Fixed asset also increases the efficiency of a businessman.

Starting from the financial institutions to a general store, nowadays every company or accounting entities tries to maintain the revenue in a balance rate, which most likely can be called to be sustainability.

This makes it difficult for the telecom companies to cover along with the high operation costs. Banglalink cares about the people who fast in the scorching weather and feel empathy with their condition. Providing effective and truthful front line and back office customer care and support to ensure high quality service.

Read More Banglalink has come up with a brilliant new model that is a first for Bangladesh. However, there are certain areas that need improvement.

So, it has become the buzz word now-a-days. Maintaining a management team containing culture of high performance and strong accountability. After using for a certain period of time, the cost of fixed asset are being reconciled for that reason the ledger of any companies get a balance over its transaction.

Therefore, these problems have made this sector insecure. The customer demands are increasing day by day. This verification or auditing of fixed assets was previously done by a third party auditor. Desh, with the slogan Ek desh Ek Rate! It may count in its balance sheet and the depreciation of those assets can be termed as operating cost in the profit loss account.

What does this mean? Moreover, the other fixed asset for telecommunication business are, property which are going to be used for further projects, plants which are under construction, plant which acquired adjustment, non-operating plant, goodwill, equipment for operation and other intangible asset.


Moreover, as it is more likely a service providing operational business, the task is done by providing service not using any kind of using any physical asset. It speaks to make telephony accessible to mass individuals. Bangladesh is critically gifted with a dense population and also has the ability with an easily extendable coverage.

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This kind of created a mess and the higher authorities failed to give a proper guideline to their juniors. This bag distribution campaign is a first of its kind in Bangladesh. Bangladesh, being a least developed or developing country, has a poor economic background where the majority of the population is under poverty line.

Banglalink plays a crucial role in challenging communication environment and socio-economic changes of a developing country.

Life has become fast, easier and comfortable in terms of business and society. They will remember you, whether you remember them or not. Banglalink was able to create a phenomena that mobile phone can be affordable for every individual and is an available option for customers across a wide range of market segments.

Therefore, to get a good start and impression from the government officials, fixed asset are must. Through this service, any Banglalink customers may dial a short number gaanbrowse and select a song from the list of available category of songs and send it to any mobile number immediately or in a specific time and date.

Telecommunication business is mainly service providing business. Prepaid Packages[ edit ] This section needs to be updated. InBanglalink undertook a project Csr of banglalink the fixed assets verification, which was mainly comprised of the physical assets verification of the company.

Some may have in a bulk amount and some may have in few. I find myself very lucky for being able to be part of this team. Students can access a lot of activities at these labs.CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities From the very beginning Banglalink is aware about its corporate social responsibilities.

Banglalink remained committed to play its role as a responsible corporate citizen to. Ltd, Banglalink, and Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. are leading Corporate social responsibility is an imperative phenomenon in corporate world which came into a common use in the late s and early s, as many multinational corporations were formed that time.

In the beginning, CSR. He also said Banglalink is actively participating in the development process of the country's tourism sector under CSR (corporate social responsibility) programme.2 Helping tourism sector: The last three years Banglalink has worked on some major areas for the development of tourism in Bangladesh.

Banglalink remains committed in playing its role as a responsible corporate citizen to contribute in making a difference in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. The company undertakes many projects each year for the welfare of community and preservation of the environment.

These initiatives consolidated Banglalink’s reputation as forerunner in the corporate social activity. mint-body.comate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practice of Cellular Phone Companies in Bangladesh Banglalink Sector Activities 1.

Observing World tourism Day 5/5(1). Csr Of Banglalink Banglalink Banglalink is the latest addition to the GSM family of OTH. Naguib Sawiris, Chairman and CEO of OTH, announced the acquisition of Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Limited with a cost of US$60m in September of

Csr of banglalink
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