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Trump packed the Board of Directors with his cronies, sucked all the money out, and bankrupted the company. Trump is diminishing the aura of the presidency, and generally gumming up the works.

The lipstick is off the "presidency" and the whole political beast it sits atop Edward snowden 2 essay. According to Reuters business reporter Felix Salmon, Scaramucci, like Trump, "has two ways to make money: They have plenty of ways to discipline Trump, and are not going to be shy to use them.

Assessing The Trump-Effect Newsweek. A better argument for what a good thing the Trump-effect is would be hard to find. Kamala Harris and Mark Cuban?

The Special Counsel investigation constitutes a permanent, limitless, intrusive machine that works under the three felonies a day rule.

Leaving aside the substantive question Why would anyone want to? Paul Ryan will not get any Democratic votes by voting to impeach Trump; he will only be sure to get fewer Republican votes, and probably get primaried. Both adamantly oppose his incipient positions on improving relations with Russia, and are assiduously working to cage him in the aggressive posture they demand.

It also proposes a "Better Deal" for disaffected working-class voters based on that one-hit wonder from the 80s mix tape: Nobody who works for Trump comes away the better off for it.

He has no firm political ideology or organization that can resist such charms. Me, habitual non-voter in semi-rural PA county that flipped Obama-Trump: Then do the politics. Trump brought out anti-establishment voters who are convinced that the bi-partisan elite is contemptuous of them and would like to nullify their choice.

As Rob Urie puts it: Ronald Reagan and Woodrow Wilson both occupied the office for years in a mentally-enfeebled state.

And a tough guy…but he does love holding my hand. Donald Trump will sign just about anything the Republicans put before him, and declare it a huge win. In the vacuum that Trump is creating, European countries might actually have to seize the initiative to make independent decisions, maybe driven by the needs of their own people rather than by the precious, special clout of the most powerful nation in the world.

It makes for a hollow and dangerous man. The headlines tell the tale: It is a witch-hunt, and Trump does keep riding his broom straight into it. The new anti-Russia sanctions legislation that sets an unprecedented constraint on presidential authority in the matter, which passed the Senate and Congress overwhelmingly, is another.

Appointing a Special Counsel was a trap that precisely demonstrates how out of his depth he is. Barring a deus ex machina—and a fortuitous lone gunman cannot be ruled out—we are going to have Donald Trump to kick around for a lot more time.— Jacob Bacharach (@jakebackpack) July 24, So, Trump's incompetence may be used to increase voter disaffection with the Republicans without increasing voter affection for the Democrats at all.

How the NSA Attacks Tor/Firefox Users With QUANTUM and FOXACID. The online anonymity network Tor is a high-priority target for the National Security Agency.

Edward snowden 2 essay
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