Essay on why i deserve a vacation

When making such a big decision, many things must be put into consideration. Renting bikes and walking to the pool burns calories! Bathing suit styles are actually cute this season. You deserve quality time with some people that you love.

Or, at the very least, it will lead to wrinkles. Opinions are great, I would love to here anything you have to say. Stress is a silent killer. At the grade school I attended, we had to read two books and complete a fifty page workbook. You could enter into a steamy summer romance.

Then, kids would have homework to do, adding another couple hours to their day. The dark circles under your eyes are begging you to sleep.

These are just a few of my favorite memories from those long summer days. According to a brief written by Pilar Marin, M. If a kid feels unsafe, they might not even try to apply themselves in fear of being ridiculed or even physically bullied by other students.

You might be able to cross an adventure off your Bucket List. I know, from personal experience, that between a seven hour school day, homework, projects, and tests to study for, kids get extremely stressed out.

Stressed out kids may also stop eating and have sleeping problem. Effects of long-term stress on kids can be very harmful. Yes, it is probably true that over the twelve or so weeks we are away from school, we forget a lot of what was taught to us. And a bonus reason Your roommate will love you for giving her the place for the weekend.

Doing away with summer vacation would deny kids their time in a stress free world. You put up with the loud guys next door all year. Imagine a weekend without your Blackberry or iPhone One symptom in particular can be confused with being rebellious, a kid who "blows up" at nothing could be dealing with chronic stress.

But when will you have time to be a kid? I think schools should be open six, seven days a week, eleven, twelve months a year. Your cubicle needs a vacation, too. President Obama thinks the traditional school day and year is causing America to fall behind in academics.

Summer Vacation (Persuasive Essay)

You could run into a celebrity. You just spent 6 months in a library. Staring at a computer all day is bad for your eyes. Last April, Duncan said, " Other effects of stress include being nervous, jumpy, and having a lack in concentration.

Picnics prevent heart disease. Try to argue with that. Eating lunch outside does not count as sufficiently enjoying the beautiful weather.

Okay, sure you could come home and relax in the sun or take a walk with the kids next door. Maybe if we improved the school environments here in America, more kids would actually go to school. Even your favorite TV shows are taking a summer hiatus.Why I Should Go to Europe.

or lawyer (undecided). Other than that I think I'm pretty good student, and deserve to go, not everyone gets a opportunity like this. and I think I'm good enough to be in this program. I understand it's not for vacation, its actually for educational purposes so I can learn new things to experience in different.

Before we blame summer vacation on poor academic showing, let's look at other possible causes. The U.S. could get rid of summer vacation, and make every student go to school days a year, but problems like violence will still be present and could still cause.

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Why I Deserve a HomeAway Getaway Contest

The maximum Iength is words. b. To submit a photo entry, post your photos, up to a maximum of 10, to 50 Reasons You Deserve A Summer Vacation By Rachel Peck • Travel June 7, at pm Summer "vacation," for many ambitious collegiettes, is just an excuse to intern or work and, inevitably, to store up some serious stress.

Americans work more hours and take less vacation than citizens of any prosperous country in the world; most workers in Europe (including the highly productive Germans) get six paid weeks off. Whole countries shut down in August. This is sensible and, indeed, civilized.

Essay on why i deserve a vacation
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