Factors affecting the job performance of bank employees management essay

You can drive your workers by giving some extra financial support along with their monthly salary. Find out why an employee is frequently absent.

So, you need to make them realize that they are very special for you and your company. Lack of Clarity about Accountability: Thus it is important for an organization to identify the factors that have a crippling effect on the performance of an employee at the workplace and make suitable corrections.

If they are not motivated then they will not find interest in the office work and as a result, your organization will be out of the game.

Your employees will work hard only when they know about the future of the company and their future as well. They will not show any commitment. It could be an employee may lack certain character traits, such as confidence or assertiveness.

Financial problems such as an unexpected accident or any incident may reduce the productivity rate of your employees. Many companies offer healthy options and ideas to their employees to improve their overall health, thus cutting down on absenteeism.

They will work with their full power for the benefit of their future and the company as well. If we get control over them, we may easily put our business organization on the right track. It can be a bonus check after a week or at the end of the month with the salary.

16 Factors that Lead to Poor Performance at the Workplace

Job Security The fear of getting fired can also reduce the productivity of your workers. Thus, it is important for an organization to identify the factors that have a crippling effect on the performance of an employee at the workplace and make suitable corrections.

It also takes a toll on their health and demoralizes them. Poor Leadership from the Top Management: In this way, they will concentrate entirely on their work without any worry. So, the productivity will go down automatically.

This happens when two different workers are given incompatible roles at the same time. This leads to a situation wherein when something goes right, everyone would like to take credit for it and when something goes wrong, no one comes forward to accept responsibility.

Try not to single out the weak performers, though, by sending only them to the seminar. So these above are the major factors affecting employee performance in organization.

Figure out what your less productive employees lack that your best employees have.

Factors Affecting Employee Performance

Motivation Financial Stress Financial stress is from one of the major factors affecting employee performance in organization. It has been observed that this mental framework has a direct impact on their individual performance which ultimately affects the organization as a whole.

Arrange for training for people who could use it, so they are comfortable using all the software. If there is an alarming increase in workload, employees sometimes become disgruntled with their work and this is reflected in the quality of work.

You should teach them how to save money for such unexpected situations. If one worker is ill then someone has to carry the workload. Skills and Traits Do employees have the proper skills for the jobs they do? Adequate time and material resources should be available to employees to enable them perform their work easily.

If a hard working employee is under-rated, besides being unfair, it creates an inferiority complex in the mind of the employee, while being over-rated may create egoism.

If you cannot pay any monetary fund in case of any emergency then you should teach your employees how to manage money. An organization comprises employees from various walks of life. The modern workplace is full of demands, deadlines, etc.

Small tablets that are easy to take on appointments can make note taking more accurate, reduce errors and improve both productivity and customer satisfaction. It also disturbs the sense of belongingness amongst employees.Jun 30,  · Factors Affecting Employee Performance schedule training sessions or have employees job shadow someone who is successful in that role.

Misguided Management.

Major Factors Affecting Employee Performance in Organization

It's been said that employees. Factors Affecting to Employee’s Performance. A Study of Islamic Banks the three components assessed as the essential factors persuade the employees’ performance which requires to be considered.

The study question reclines, although each of those elements has an immediate and upper management. Furthermore, job stress has. Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction (by the Employees) Articles FActors AFFecting Job PerFormAnce in Public Agencies JAmes gerArd cAillier The College at Brockport, State University of New York ABSTRACT: Articles empirically examining job performance in the public sector are scant.

More about Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction (by. The problem statement is about factors affecting the employees and independent variables are manager’s performance of employees at work place in the scenario of attitude, organizational culture, personal problems and job.

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Factors that are affecting job performance like age, HRM factors. environment management entails making work environment attractive, comfortable, satisfactory and excessive noise adversely affect employee performance (Becker, ).

To analyse the effect of work life balance factors on performance of Bank employees Research Hypotheses.

Factors affecting the job performance of bank employees management essay
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