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She portrayed a CIA agent that seduced a college student played by Anthony Edwards in order to have him unknowingly smuggle a film canister out of East Germany.

Adonis A lover of Aphrodite.

Geek Love Allusion

Year None 1, with a cover publication date of September The background for the theme song in this episode was altered to have more of a 3D effect.

A bigger example is the effect of Jewish mythology on the whole world as brought about by interpretations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Argonaut One of the members of the expedition who set sail with Jason to get the Golden Fleece.

Hyacinth A Greek hero, lover of Apollo, who perished in a discuss throwing game, and was transformed into the flower Hyacinth. This is the same game Chuck had to play in "Chuck Vs. Daedalus made wings of wax and bird feathers to escape from Crete with his son, Icarus.

This is the first episode in which Chuck is shown to carry a badge.

What Is Mythological Allusion?

Top 10 facts about the world A mythological allusion is when a piece of art, literature or music hints at a piece of mythology. When they hit the water, Aphrodite was born.

Additionally, while Chuck has also been seen working directly with law enforcement officers and tactical teams before, such as leading a team onto the roof to apprehend Colt in "Chuck Versus the First Date", this episode is the first explicit indication that he has some level of authority over local and federal law enforcement agencies.

When Butterman, an ex-con, sells the Golden Ticket, he says the money will buy a ticket to Zihuatanejo which is the same place that the characters from Shawshank Redemption reunite after escaping and being released from prison.

Of all the semi-tart, Asian-influenced frozen yogurt shops in all the towns in all the world, you walked into hers? However, she held him by the heel. Eventually, he turned into the Narcissus flower. Edit Trivia When Big Mike hits Leader you can clearly see his gun come flying out of his hands, but when they cut and show you the scene from the back as he lands in the pile of boxes, his gun is back in his hand.

Hamlet Simba is visited by the ghost of his King father. This is in reference to the famous phrase from the classic movie Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

Minos kept the monster called the Minotaur inside the labyrinth.

Trivia, Notes, Allusions and Pop/Geek Culture References

Zachary Levi is a well known Disney movie fan. Sarah wins a crown at the reunion covered in blood, a possible homage to the prom queen scene in Carrie.

Arty, in particular, exceptionally fits this saying and lives it out through the whole novel. It continues to state that the cause is unknown but tobacco use may irritate the condition.Greek Allusions in Everyday Life Dike the Greek Goddess of Justice, sits at the front of the Shelby County Court House Geek love allusion Memphis, TN to remind judges love your silky, smooth legs.

The allusion is that you, too, can be a goddess if you only shave with this mythical razor. Ahhhh! Venus Pop song Venus. This page is a list of Trivia, Notes, Allusions and Pop/Geek Culture References Chuck taken from This is in reference to the famous phrase from the classic movie Casablanca, is an obvious allusion to the real life Geek Squad at Best Buy.

completely imperative to an allusion’s success: the knowledge base of your audience. Since you’ve completed a unit on Greek mythology, your knowledge base has swollen to an all-time high.

Mythology is referenced all over the place: advertising, literature, music, and even Believed Strongly in Love. 10 Shakespeare References in Disney. Article by: Rogue Benjamin Geek Girl Northern Belle wrote this list of 10 Shakespeare references in Disney Again the plot is only loosely based with two characters from feuding families who fall in love and all the drama that ensues.

Additionally, just the like the original, there are no where near as. Aug 22,  · A mythological allusion is a reference to mythology in art, literature, or music. Some of the most common types of mythological wise GEEK clear answers for common questions. Feedback About wiseGEEK. Category. Greek Mythology Allusions in Modern Teen Literature.

Greek Mythology Allusions in Modern Teen Literature the Sirens in Greek Mythology they distracted Harry, like Odysseus, from his journey.

("Mythological") Harry Potter allusion examples everything from Hermione, to turning people into ferrets. ("Mythological") The ghosts in Harry Potter.

Geek love allusion
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