Hum 2 guitar concert critique

This includes pickups and potentiometers.

I took out the bridge piece which was very tight and cleaned it, then gently rubbed the sides on some floor tiles I had no sand paper. I started looking at my entire system for ground loops etc and had begun replacing leads.

If the hum goes away when you touch the grounding jacket of your guitar cable or a pickup case, then a cold solder joint or incomplete grounding is likely the problem. I found a simple and easy solution. If you hear the hum go away after connection, then the lug associated to the bare wire you are testing likely has a cold solder joint.

This latest issue was a freak out. It can be a costly exercise. One problem I often see on guitars with DIY wiring jobs is that the users often accidentally create a ground loop--which can create hum or even mute the guitar entirely--or they miss a component and wind up with incomplete grounding.

I hope this helps someone as I was very down about this problem and I understand the frustration. It works especially for assembling patch cables: The piezo needs to have good contact. You can use this instead of an alligator clip and achieve the same results, but instead of audibly verifying that the hum has gone away at each connection you can scientifically prove that something is likely wrong with the path to ground between the two points you are measuring.

I usually test each joint with the guitar plugged in to a cheap-o practice amp at the lowest possible volume levels, that way I can listen for the hum and dynamically troubleshoot the problem.

I ended up selling guitar as I could not resolve the problem even with professional help. Fourteen years hum-free is a pretty good run! This was to remove any goop accumulated from playing sweat gunk etc.

First and foremost visually verify that everything is indeed grounded, and make sure that every component has a single path to ground. In fact I thought I had unmuted the wrong channel on my desk. A good joint should be clean and shiny, not dull, grey, or globular.

To fix this, you are going to need to localize the issue by identifying the cold joint. I have had this problem before with a yamaha guitar with similar pickup system.

One way you can do this is to employ a small alligator jumper and use it to bridge connections at the bare wire to the grounding lug on your output jack.

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I then tested, without strings, applying pressure to the bridge and touching saddle off and on to see what happened to the noise. I slipped it back in a lot easier.

A overly tight bridge piece may not allow the correct contact or pressure to be made. Most decent models have a mode that will measure if the two points you are touching are connected a diode test.

It could be very different in your application however--especially since you rewired everything by yourself.Infopedia is a unique platform of information and entertainment, referring to a type of media which provides a combination of information and entertainment.

Concert reviews on the Classical Guitar Blog are written by professional musicians and amateurs alike. Posts from Classical Guitar Concert Reviews 0 Review: Pascal Valois at the American Musicological Society, San Francisco (Lecture-Recital). Hum tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including stars, coming home, green to me, i hate it too, iron clad lou.

Guitar produces hum due to poor soldering. up vote 13 down vote favorite. Is it possible that a guitar could produce a low hum after replacing a pickup? I own a guitar that I (poorly) replaced a pickup on when I first started playing, and I was wondering if there was some sort of grounding that I could have messed up that could cause the hum?.

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Hum 2 guitar concert critique
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