Impact of manpower training and development in enhancing employees productivity

For instance, the type of in-service programmes available in the local government federation is similar to that which is obtain in Njikoka local government and establishment. A random sample technique was adopted. In-service training is education for employee to help them develop their skills in a specific discipline or occupation.

This aims all inculcating in employees, the skills of supervisor, controlling and training others some methods of supervisory training are conferences lectures, on-the-job supervisory training, under study supervisory training and the job rotational supervisory training. In view of the changing operating environment and these introduced by technological development the human resources must change to keep pace with the change day times.

The development of human resource in an organization in collaboration with other resources makes business effective and enhances maximum productivity. To carry out this research, the researcher posed the following research questions: Therefore, the study would like to access, how far manpower development planned with the mind of those at the top level management whenever they are planning strategies to introduce new concept to the administrative procedures with particular reference to Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company KRPC.

The study will guide the goods government of Njikoka to identify areas of training needs to improve workers productivity. Because the new local government re-organization upon which the divisional administration was embarking in the state required the full use of all existing experienced staff to ensured the scheme succeeded.

Human resources when adequately developed assist an organization to achieve its stated goals and objectives. Since the country has been experiencing low productivity due to the dearth of training personnel. Njikoka local government routine seminars workshop and conferences aimed at enriching their staff with the knowledge of their job situation.

Human resources has been an indispensable tool in accomplishing organizational goals over time. This refers to an input-output relationship that is maximum work achieved for a minimum time or result.

Generally speaking, organization created different type of in-service according to the need of the organization taking in consideration its function in the society.

Stage I certificate in local government. The Nigeria working committee submitted proposals designed to facilitate the implementation of a national in-service training programme which was mainly concerned with courses structure and examination. Relate the various stages of the proposed courses to entry qualification, relevant working experience and post training remuneration with a view to ensuring, as far as possible, uniform salary for the Nigerian qualifications.

Finally, this study will be useful to the students that may wish to write or make research or similar topics and using this as a point of reference to reoriented them towards their profession or future research or practical endeavour.

Lack of adequate manpower planning and productivity is not directly responsible for high labour turnover. They are unit of output per work, machine hour or total output per total input.

Therefore, it has become very pertinent to develop human resources for better, effective organization and to facilitate continuous productivity in an organization. Both in number and quality, needed or efficient services in Njikoka local government system and also throughout the federation.

This therefore the study of this research work. Or is it the un — corporative attitude of the implementation machinery. The opinion of industry observes that the poor performance of the organization workers follow from their inability to keep abreast with the new technological current as a result of the absence of appropriate and sufficient staff training.

He lives in Conyers, Georgia. Many believed that evaluation is difficult and that everyone would like to advance his or her career there by overwhelming the organizational training request, these are other aspects of manpower development and their potential benefits to transaction and individual from the basis of the study.

Niger experience Maryland published Enugu. It stated that local governments manpower development had been identified as one of the initial areas needing urgent attention since the inception of the current local government reform.

Lack of proper record: It is simple and logical in coding sample of interpreted data. The main focus of this study if find out the impact of in-service training and human resources in Njikoka local government commission.

In order to arrive at a reliable result, questionnaires where distributed in the four department or groups of the commission.


To find out the impact of training and development on workers productivity and performance. The programmes are carried out not only once in a blue moon but are also lopsided in terms of content and staff participation as a result of this lackadaisical attitude of management toward manpower planning and employee.Human Resources Training And Development – Impact On Workers Productivity One of the main objectives of any organization is to provide goods and services to the general public.


Organization performs these all important role through the prefer utilization men and material/resources available within the organization.

this research study titled ''impact of manpower training and development on organizational productivity'' contains concise and needed material. However, poor level of training and development are attributed to the progress in achieving the organizational goals, it is to this end that this research work is being carried out with a view to identify the effect of manpower planning on productivity of employees in public sector.

Training and Development Leads to Higher Productivity and Retention by Gregory P.

The Impact of Human Resources Development in Enhancing Employees Productivity

Smith Last Updated: May 20, With the belt-tightening of recent months, you are probably tempted to cut down on training and development. But if you want to retain your employees and keep their productivity up, you might want to rethink that position.

TOPIC: IMPACT OF TRAINING AND MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT IN A MANUFACTURING COMPANY There is significant relationship between improved employees’ productivity and training and development. H0: Training and development do not impact on material management.

H1. In addition, this research work is intended to establish some form of relationships between the effects of manpower training on employee productivity in form of 3 angles influential variables on the organization employees which include: knowledge, skills and attitude.

Impact of manpower training and development in enhancing employees productivity
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