Indian ocean region

Numerous aftershocks were reported off the Andaman Islandsthe Nicobar Islands and the region of the original epicentre in the hours and days that followed. As well, the tsunami was large enough to be detected in VancouverBritish Columbia, Canada, which puzzled many scientists, as the tsunamis measured in some parts of South America were larger than those measured in some parts of the Indian Ocean.

The TTT map calculates the first-arrival travel times of the tsunami, following their generation at the earthquake epicenter.

Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)

The Resorts and Hotels on the Indian Ocean Islands have been carefully selected in the very best locations, which are individually and beautifully designed to reflect the styles and influences of their magnificent surroundings.

Physiography and geology Origin The origin and evolution of the Indian Ocean is the most complicated of the three major oceans. In this regard, the recent trends have been an eye-opener for India.

Although the extreme western edge of the Ring of Fire extends into the Indian Ocean the point where the earthquake struckno warning system exists in that ocean. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands appear to have shifted south-west by around 1. Because of the distances involved, the tsunami took anywhere from fifteen minutes to seven hours to reach the coastlines.

The recent constitutional crisis in Maldives presented a unique challenge for India. The tsunami struck the west and north coasts of northern Sumatraparticularly in Aceh Province, Indonesia, during the early morning. A major aftershock magnitude 7. Oil spills from normal tanker operations and occasional large-scale tanker catastrophes have had deleterious effects on phytoplankton and zooplankton, both necessary parts of the food chain of commercial fisheries.

Three groups of very intense winter storms can be seen around Antarctica, which are associated with the season of maximum sea ice in that region of the world. Tourism A growing number of locations in the Indian Ocean have become popular destinations for tourists, who are drawn to the warm climate, beautiful beaches, and azure waters.

Coral reef animals such as fish were also absent as the tsunami passed by. Second wave came 10 minutes after the first one with a maximum height of 4. Submarine canyons indent the steep slope below the break. Not near Maldives Meanwhile, Indian defence sources said no movement of Chinese ships was detected near the Maldivian waters.

China Is Moving into the Indian Ocean

The prevailing surface winds over the tropical ocean are the trade winds that blow persistently from the northeast toward the southwest in the Northern Hemisphere and from the southeast toward the northwest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Consequently, the tsunami stranded cargo ships and barges and destroyed a cement factory near the Lampuuk coast. The second and third waves came with a 10 minutes interval after the first and second waves respectively. Sharma said without getting into the specifics: Eyewitnesses reported 10 to 12 waves, the second and third being the highest.

Around the Indian Ocean, this rare sight reportedly induced people, especially children, to visit the coast to investigate and collect stranded fish on as much as 2.Indian Ocean MSLP Analysis Valid at 00UTC.

Indian Ocean MSLP Analysis

Printable B&W Analysis (PDF) Features: Low pressure trough; Cold front; Developing cold front; Decaying cold front; Monsoon trough; Warm front. Welcome to the Indian Ocean. Welcome to the Indian Ocean – the true taste of the Indian sub-continent nestled in the heart of Tameside.

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In accordance with Section of the Indian Ocean MOU, where vessels that proceed to sea without complying with the conditions agreed to by the Authority of the port of inspection, or do not proceed to the nominated repair port.

On the world maps common in America, the Western Hemisphere lies front and center, while the Indian Ocean region all but disappears.

Indian Ocean Drive

This convention reveals the geopolitical focus of the now-departed twentieth century, but in the twenty-first century that focus will fundamentally change. Click on the tabs below to see tsunami messages relevant to each of PTWC's areas of responsibility.

Indian ocean region
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