Islam vs the west

In a sense, the pan-Islamists are correct in saying that this is just another example of Western imperialism and neo-colonialism.

Symbolic integration refers to the inclusion of a particular group into the history and shared memory of a national community. In Europe many voices St.

Islam vs. the West: Final Conflict Ahead?

But to blame it all on Western infidels is irresponsible, ignoring the unfair and dictatorial nature of many governments in predominantly Muslim countries. Bythey had reclaimed Edessa.

Muslims are viewed as internal enemies based on the belief that they endanger the core liberal values of western societies and exacerbate social problems.

The Jihadists extracted revenge for the earlier atrocities, and the floors were literally knee deep in blood. The Muslim forces did not back off completely; they merely reorganized and tried to recoup their losses. The Islamization of the war on terror, on the other hand, has significantly increased American uneasiness about Islam — Islam vs the west phenomenon evident in increasingly controlled U.

The Western ways of thought … [have] an enmity toward all religionand in particular with greater hostility toward Islam. In this regard, Muslims in Europe remain at the core of multiple social processes related to the evolution of the European Union and the redefinition of migration flux since the s.

In support of Rothschild and other Judaic banking interests, Britain issued the Balfour Declaration, which set in process the coming State of Israel. A true patriot nationalist government would never have our military forces spread all over the world, so -- get our troops out of Muslim lands, especially in Saudi Arabia.

While the West has, indeed, played a destructive role, Muslims need only look in the mirror and at their governments to find the worst offenders. As we know, Western military forces entered Jerusalem inthe first time sincewhen the Crusaders of old were cast out.

The majority of Muslims immigrate to Europe from underdeveloped nations with few marketable skills and little education. But the real crusades came to an end in with the fall of Acre, the last remaining Christian stronghold in the Levant.

But, this did not happen and is even less likely to happen in the current state of affairs. This was a dismal failure, and the great Islamic re-conqueror, Saladin Salah al-Din, The Righteousness of the Faithrecaptured Jerusalem with his massive and overwhelming jihad of Even today, when many more Muslims than ever before are smart, sophisticated and well trained, the vast majority is poor and live in underdeveloped and misgoverned countries.

Instead, in an epic confrontation, a final "king of the South" will war against the ruler of a final "Holy Roman Empire"—also called "Babylon the Great" or the "king of the North" Daniel Who could think a small cult of apostate Judean Palestinians flocking around a discredited prophet called Jesus could start a world-transforming religion?

Some renewal, essentially the same, formally different; some revival of its eternal principle, monotheism, disguised under a fresh garb of those outward accidents that constitute a religion. For within his spiritual message, there was a call to social revolution every bit as clear as the writings of Karl Marx or the speeches of Gamel Abdel Nasser.

Europe has always been a block to the spread of Islam. In another parallel with current events, the Western powers lied to provoke a war in the Middle East. Most Muslims today are not Arabs; Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation.

The construction of Islam and Muslims as the enemy within liberal democracies takes place within this preexisting environment.Islam vs. the West is the lie that keeps on giving, and its gifts include war, terrorism, radicalization, psychological ghettoization and hate.

Note that he attributes “radicalization” to non-Muslims saying that Islam is set against the West.

War against Islam conspiracy theory

Militant Islam continues to strengthen its hold across the Middle East. At the same time, from Oklahoma to England, Western governments are moving to restrict the use of Islamic sharia law in schools, courts and other public institutions (, June 8, ).

Islam vs. the West: Why the Clash of Civilizations? Author Samuel Huntington stated in his book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order that “religion is a central defining characteristic of civilizations” (, p. 47).

Use the pen and show us where we have erred or misrepresented Islam. Merits and truth, not swords and bullets, should decide who is right and who is wrong.

It is said that it is a crime to remain silent in the face of evil. Islam is, in fact, the only civilization that ever put the survival of the West in doubt -- and more than once! What is interesting is how this conflict flows not simply from the differences between the two civilizations, but more importantly from their similarities.

Islam began as a religious and cultural reform movement in North Africa and the Middle East. Sir Richard Francis Burton was a 19th century explorer, linguist and ethnographer, also serving as British Consul in Damascus in the s.

In his famous posthumous work, "The Jew, The Gypsy And El.

Islam vs the west
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