Journal entry 4 revising penn foster

Sources for Fuels and Electricity. I have significantly improved due to dedication and practicing to become a better writer in English. Secondly, one could cite counter-testimony or counterexamples and also call into question the credibility of an authority.

This keeps the environment very healthy as they use hydrogen fuel resulting to a combustion product which is simply water vapor. You cannot take information from an outside source without citing it.

The citation signifies where the Journal entry 4 revising penn foster came from. This could have helped me in developing a good rapport with my instructors and fellow students and improving academically in such aspects of knowledge gathering. I can further determine the purpose of the author, his intended audience, tone and the general content of the text.

The statement focuses on presenting how the idea of using alternative energy sources is a better or the most desirable concept when considered along the use of fossil fuels to produce energy. On the other hand, as a writer uses opinionated statements he enjoys literacy freedom of expression and it is not must that a proof be given for such an opinion.

Lastly, one could question the accuracy or content of quotations or even the way the statistical data were interpreted or produced. Recognizing Your Opposition Ways to recognize opposing views in an argument Concession Sometimes we encounter portions of an argument which we cannot simply refute.

What are some differences among the sites you listed? When citing information is appropriate. Another goal was to the demonstrate competence in managing the writing process and producing effective written products which include college essays and similar kinds of academic writing.

Review the assignments as given in your study guide along with any related pages in your textbook. Acknowledging the fact that the learning objectives are critical elements of the course activities, I ranked them in terms of their importance. When RETs replace traditional biomass, they contribute to energy efficiency and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, furthering the goal of environmental sustainability.

Expert opinions Solar energy is a highly significant alternative energy source because of its enormous advantages.

Dressler, and Robert Fletcher. Start your research to develop support for your claim provide at least two examples of each: Related Essays and Questions.

Being a good writer has made me able to demonstrate effective vocabulary, word choice, sentence structure and grammar which allow effective communication in written work.

Moreover, it is prudent to research both sides of the argument by noting the rationale and use of evidence in order to build an argument that is less likely to be counteracted on mere grounds and simple position.

Solar thermal electricity power system is a device which utilizes the solar radiation for the generation of electricity through the solar thermal conversion; basically collected solar energy is converted to electricity through the use of some sort of heat to electricity conversion device.

A text or a footnote should accompany the quotation which precisely indicate the source, making identification of the title, author, date and place of publication where relevantand page numbers.

By assessing wind and solar energy resources using a range of data from satellites and ground-based instruments, SWERA promotes an increased framework of extensive use of renewable energy resources. As a learner, I have known the course is guided on the basis of outlined learning objectives.

They are too general to create a lasting impression on the reader. Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Sources.

Plagiarism amounts to fines and penalties as it is regarded as inappropriate conduct in the academia arena. By boosting agricultural productivity, particularly through irrigation, RETs can increase quality rather than quantity of cultivated land.

The Role of Correctness in Writing Jan. Then follow the guidelines on pages — in your textbook to write an effective thesis statement based on one of the topics you listed previously. The most effective use of: That is, this method focuses on the content of the argument presented but not how the argument is actually presented.

The goals I set for myself at the beginning of the course included, first, to improve my vocabulary and mastery of the English language. Choose one of the graphic organizers or formal outlines to organize your evidence so that it supports the position you take in your thesis statement in the most effective way possible.

Moreover, I have made great improvement in proofreading.Penn Foster English Composition Journal Entries. Journal Entries; Drafting Evidence / Organization 5 4 4. Revising Purpose and audience / Thesis, topic sentences, and paragraphs / Evidence / Organization 10 9 8 7 5 0 5.

Britney Jackson ENGL Journal Entry 4 It is the eighth week of my Composition Studies class. Lesson 2 47 Required Journal Entry 4: Revising This journal entry requires you to review the rough draft of the essay that follows.

Penn Foster College BIOLOGY - Spring Study Unit Writing Sentences and Paragraphs. pages. Study Guide Essentials of Psychologyq. Required Journal Entry 4: Organizing and Drafting Using your thesis statement and evidence from Journal Entry 3, select a method of organization from your textbook on pages – Choose one of the graphic organizers or formal outlines to organize your evidence so that it supports the position you take in your thesis statement in the most.

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REQUIRED JOURNAL RETAKE ASSIGNMENTEnglish Composition (ENG)Student name: Hiro Enegwea journal 3 entries 13 18 2nd required journal retake assignmentenglish composition, penn foster student handbook, rural off-grid energy-service delivery.

Penn Foster Journal Enteries; Penn Foster Journal Enteries.

Words Sep 5th, 13 Pages. September 29, -Entry 4: REVISING Words | 4 Pages; Penn Foster Principles of Management Final Exam Essay Words | 4 Pages; Penn Foster Paper Words | 15 Pages.

Journal entry 4 revising penn foster
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