Maize flour production business plan

As usual, I believe that the opportunity and information I have shared with you in this article can be taken further by your creativity and energy. There are now some hybrid varieties that use much less water and can often survive in drought-prone areas.

Name Brand Start A Small Maize Milling Plant This 20TPD particular maize processing equipment designed for home use and generally small business scale, maize flour production business plan become highly preferred by small scale business people.

Yes, all of these things contain starch.

Maize Production – An Interesting Small Business Opportunity You Should Consider This Year

The maize can be processed into flour, grits, or even starch. Maize Flour Production Business: Maize kernels flow in the screw conveyor and dust or similar small particle impurities are further screened out. I also plan to source for treated maize seeds through an agriculture inputs company.

For instance, your company can produce both wheat flour, corn flour and millet flour if you have source for getting bulk quantity of wheat, corn and millet. Lease a Space for Your Factory -: Or you need a sample flour production business plan template?

Although Africa has some of the lowest maize yields in the world, it is not uncommon to expect between 2, to 4, kilograms per hectare.

At the same time, above maize flour production business plan sieve, it is connected with a fan. You may not recognize these substances but they are used in many household items that you know and use such as: Whether the increased volumes of maize will be produced locally or imported from outside the continent remains uncertain.

Starting a Flour Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Some maize varieties need between to mm of water per season to grow, most of which it gets from moisture reserves in the soil. The land has to be cleared and tilled before the rainy season starts and the maize should be planted immediately after the land is prepared. Watch out for weeds, pests and diseases!

A good way to do this is to get a list of bakeries, food processing companies and pharmaceutical companies near your location; write a proposal to them that you have a flour company that can supply them with any quantity of flour they require.

There are also extra-early varieties which mature in days. You need roller mills, sifters as well as aspirators among other equipment to start the operations of your business.

How to start and succeed in the maize production business Compared to many other crops, maize is quite easy to produce. And corn meals in different parts of the world to obtain precooked refined maize flour, dehydrated nixtamalized flour, fermented maize flours, and other maize products.

This is the separation of the germ meal, endosperm and bran. After fine sieving, corn kernels enter coarse screen to screen out impurities that are bigger than corn, for example, corn cob particles; while these impurities are also discharged from taphole.

You can also lease machineries if the company is running on a very tight budget, but endeavor to purchase your own set ones you make enough money.

As I mentioned above, the raw material you will need depends on the type of flour you are producing. I have included a manual in the resources section at the end of this article that contains specific information on how to treat maize seeds before planting.

20TPD Maize Milling Plant Shipped to Uganda

There are different ways to finance the business including loans and maize flour production business plan cash. In addition, you will need facilities that will help you when it comes to drying as well as storage of the products.

Unlike in developed countries where a major portion of maize produced is used for animal feed, maize is a significant part of diets in Africa.

You also need to know other ingredients that are added to get the final result. Africans consume millions of litres of beer every year and this volume is expected to rise significantly due to population growth and economic prosperity. Different kinds of sieves are used which ensures all materials bigger or smaller than the maize itself is left behind.

In all parts of Africa, green fresh maize is boiled or roasted on its cob and served as a snack. Late-maturing varieties mature in days and are good for zones with a long rainy season. Get the directions Clean the Maize Spread over a work table 1. It does not make sense to pump a lot of money in a business located at the wrong place.

Depending on your region, you could follow the previous history of rains in the area. It only needs very little manpower, approximately one or two people, for its operation. Conditioning After cleaning, the second step of Maize Flour Production Process is maize conditioning.Maize Milling Business Plan, Wholesale Various High Quality Maize Milling Business Plan Products from Global Maize Milling Business Plan Suppliers and Maize Milling Business Plan Factory,Importer,Exporter at MENU.

Tags: Maize Flour Production Machine | Maize Flour Machine Good Quality | Good After Sale Service Maize Flour. Start a Business in Maize and Wheat Flour Milling Maize and Wheat Flour milling in many African countries present huge business opportunities.

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producing more and more maize every year for the last eight years. During times of less maize production, and even in times of shortages, maize allocated for human consumption receives priority above other maize consuming business sectors like stock feed production, breweries and of course exports.

Half of the production consists of white maize, for human food consumption. Maize needs to mm of water per season, which is mainly acquired from the soil moisture reserves.

About 15,0 kg of grain are produced for each millimetre of. BUSINESS PLAN THE MAIZE TRUST PILOT PROJECT FOR ASSISTING BLACK EMERGING MAIZE FARMERS Compiled by L&L Agricultural Services are normally done before or after each maize production season.

No specific format is prescribed by the Trust in respect of the progress reports that are to.

Maize flour production business plan
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