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The continued poor financial climate of the country resulted in the 25 May dissolution of the Assembly of Notables because of its inability to function, and the lack of solutions was blamed on the queen.

Louis XVI gave her a gift on August 15th, a small chateau on the grounds of Versailles, which she would go there and find peace and also garden. It did not pass any reforms and, instead, fell into a pattern of defying the king.

She learned to play the harp[15] the harpsichord and the flute. The Dauphin and The Dauphine spent more time with each other attending church, ceremonies, and doing activities such as riding horses.

Marie Antoinette

It was publicly suggested that her supposed behavior was learned at the court of the rival nation, particularly lesbianism, which was known as the "German vice". He had to be handsome, kind, and avowed. Maria Theresa would refer to her youngest daughter as Antonia. He was executed on January 21, at the age of thirty-eight.

As they were heading toward the border, some of the local townspeople noticed that the royal family was leaving, and thus some guards arrested them. Through her dissolute and revolting debauchery, Du Barry amazed the universe in the alleys, and the crossroads of Paris. On the other hand, those opposed to the alliance with Austria, and others for personal reasons, had a difficult relationship with Marie Antoinette.

For the first seven years of his marriage having children was unsuccessful the public blamed Marie Antoinette for her failure to bear children. Likewise, her reputation was no better than that of the favorites of the previous kings.

In the meantime Antonia blossomed she grew and developed. Marie Antoinette had to become pregnant. This was unpopular, particularly with those factions of the nobility who disliked the queen, but also with a growing percentage of the population, who disapproved of a Queen of France independently owning a private residence.

Versailles Marie Antoinette was greatly disliked by the French due to the fact that she was indeed a non-native to the French area. She was always elegantly dressed she never missed a ball, a concert, a reception or a performance at the opera.

He despised her and even insulted her in public. Marie being a member of the Hapsburg family of Austria, made plans for the royal family to escape to the Austrian Netherlands.

Marie Antoinette Essay Sample

Popularity, as it turns out, was going to turn out to be a life-long battle for her, one she would end up losing Lewis 1. The festivities began for three days. She also made herself even more "unpopular", you could say, by the way she devoted most of her interests in Austrian customs and practices.Marie Antoinette is one of the most controversial women in history.

Her life has inspired many fiction novels, movies, biographies and much. Mar 09,  · Marie Antoinette & the French Revolution The French revolution began in it was a time of radical, social and political change that impacted upon all of Europe.

This essay will provide both sides of this argument, stating findings and facts about Marie Antoinette’s influence on the people of France, and what feelings she provoked in them with her actions, and if there was an.

Read Marie Antoinette free essay and over 88, other research documents. Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette is probably one of the most remembered yet misunderstood women in history.

Her name is not only synonymous /5(1). Marie Antoinette Essay example - Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France The future Queen of France was born on All Souls' Day, 2nd November,in Vienna as the youngest daughter of Maria Theresa and the Emperor Franz Stephan. Life and Legacy of Marie Antoinette Essay Words | 5 Pages Marie Antoinette Josèphe Jeanne de Habsbourg-Lorraine was born in the mid-eighteenth century as an archduchess and princess, to Maria Teresa, the Austrian Empress, at the very apex of the European hierarchal pyramid.

Marie antoinette essay
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