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A Code of Integrity has been set up, which is expected to be read by all students.

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In this way you ensure your resource can be found in a library, on the Internet, etc. An electronical certificate is granted to students who pass this test. Therefore take quite as many elements to identify your source hence the name of the author, year, correct title of the book or article, etc.

There is no possibility to use power point, overhead sheets or any other devices. After all, the student literally copies entire full text blocks, and had to use quotation marks and bibliographical references: When in doubt, acknowledge the source.

A centralized policy on plagiarism was outlined. Paraphrasing is rewriting an idea of another author, in your own words.

Secondary criteria Did the student pay attention to grammar, spelling, and lay-out? With regard to content, the student is free to highlight any topics during his presentation. On the right you can find a clear case of plagiarism. Work in good conscience.

Master of psychology: theory and research

You can also emphasize the quoted text additionally by using italics. The student copied entire paragraphs and phrases verbatim from a previously published source. NAME, initial of the first name, title of the article year of the website url.

If a student is unable to comply with it for valid reasons, the student should contact the ombudsperson.

Are the sources relevant and the references correct? In the same work the copied text continues on the next page, without quotation mark or acknowledgement of the source.

Master's thesis

This Code of Integrity is accompanied by a Declaration of Originality. The length of the dissertation should be no more than 9. If you literally copy text, quote and always use quotation marks.

The quotation marks are missing. Most of the thesis is still believed to be original work. When the source was written by several authors, you certainly mention all these authors in your bibliography.

Main criteria To what degree does the issue addressed lead to a clear, theoretically sound and relevant research question?

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The evaluation format and modalities will be the same as those of the first opportunity, as outlined above. Also figures, images, diagrams need a correct acknowledgement of sources.There is a strict prerequisite for taking the master’s thesis.

Students can take this course when they obtained a credit for the course S0D86C Start report. at the Faculty’s plagiarism prevention trajectory including an online brush-up course presented by the University Library within the Toledo learning environment and an online test.

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Research; Study; About KU. KU Leuven defines plagiarism as follows in the education and examination regulations paper or master’s thesis, you will consult the literature on the subject of your work. When you use ideas, * Getting to know the Campus Library Arenberg and its services.

Master thesis ku leuven library
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