Persuasive speech on movies

Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

See this page for a full list of History Speech Topics. Scientific experimentation on animals should or should not be outlawed. We have come up with funny persuasive speech topics that are out-of-the-box and not the regular topics you find everywhere.

Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day? The dangers of using a cell phone while driving. The standards of beauty are never the same. Should the government have a say in our diets? Drug dealers convicted of distributing large quantities of drugs should or should not receive the death penalty.

International Relations Do you think it is time for the United States to suspend overseas military operations? Government Do you believe there should be stricter federal restrictions regarding content on the internet? We should start rewarding charities for their big goals and accomplishments even if it means bigger expenses.

Overcome your stage fright and fear of public speaking. Why airline tickets should be cheaper. Taxpayers should subsidize therapy sessions for victims of violent crimes. Scientists have the duty to translate their findings in normal language.

I know just how creative the folks who visit Best Speech Topics are, so if you come up with an entertaining persuasive speech, use this form to send your speech in and share it with everyone.

Everyone should take a self defense class. Should people who play music too loud face fines? How playing games raised your IQ.

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Always be flexible with setting and achieving your goals as things in life change and your goals need to reflect these changes. Teenage boys are lazier than girls. Let go of the past. Religious cults are dangerous.

The media does not force us to worship false icons. Practical Knowledge Basic survival skills are important to know. Should the state fund schools run by religions?

Mobile phones should be switched off during a lecture. Regardless of income, all Americans should or should not be guaranteed basic medical care under a national health insurance program. Solar power is or is not a viable alternate energy source. Federal funding for the arts should or should not be provided.

Advertising As we grew into adults, we lost our ability to dream. Should it be legal for people to own exotic pets such as tigers or chimps? The minimum wage should or should not be waived for adolescent and young adult workers.

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

The military budget must be decreased.Speech Topic Ideas. General Subjects. Popular Themes. Topics Based on Students' Own Lives.

Top 10 Great Movie Speeches

Topics for "How-to" Speeches. Topics for Informative Speeches. Topics for Persuasive Speeches. Contact Your Sales Rep. Higher Education Comment Card.

Topics for Persuasive Speeches. Arguing Either Side of an Issue.


Novels vs Movies Counterparts; More Persuasive Speech Ideas. 50 More Persuasive Speech Topics. Persuasive speech – a topic of your choice.

20 Best Inspirational Speeches from the Movies

How to write a persuasive speech. Published On: 2nd Apr i need a good persuasive speech but that arent about abortion drugs alcohol abuse gun control and drinking and driving.

Sep 22,  · Persuasive speeches are those that address themselves to the minds and hearts of people who heard them; but funny persuasive speeches give color to the speech and the effect they have is unparalleled.

The value of the speaker’s words is doubled with the fun element. A funny persuasive speech evokes a light-hearted response from the. Feb 02,  · Persuasive speech argues or puts across a point to the audience.

It is the art of expressing an opinion clearly and logically. It is the art of expressing an opinion clearly and logically. While presentation is very important when persuading, the magic of a persuasive speech is best experienced only when the topic elicits an interest and.

Here are 54 fun persuasive speech topics for your consideraton, around which you can create a light-hearted and entertaining speech.

I really want to focus my persuasive speech topic on an aspect of film, but I'm clueless on what to persuade my classmates on. What would you do?

Persuasive speech on movies
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