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We have made this goal in our ENT practice by offering various procedures in the polaris medical writing companies fields: The office is closed for lunch Our doctor always has a soft spot for her patients, as she remains active in the local and national medical societies.

She also trained Family Practice residents from the county training program. This is why we conduct allergy testing, one of the newest additions to our medical practices.

Perry-Gilkes is also affiliated with the following associations. Ears - Nose - Throat - Neck - Larynx Specialized Allergy Testing When our otolaryngologist moved back to Atlanta, she saw the need to care for various patients affected by the environmental allergies.

Lisa Perry Gilkes, also conducts various medical and surgical treatments on the following: Compassionate Teacher After graduation, she started her career at the San Bernardino County Medical Center, where she focused on the major trauma center for the largest county in the country.


Through extensive and personalized studies, our ENT doctor can tell the difference between snoring and having Obstructive Sleep Apnea. We ensure that our treatments are on the cutting edge of new innovations and advancements, while also maintaining practice standards.

Lisa Perry Gilkes continues to accept these so her patients can get the treatments they need. Lisa Perry Gilkes focuses on providing quality healthcare to as many patients as possible. Thanks to her, we added balloon sinuplasty in our roster of medical procedures, which is a treatment for sinusitis.

Contact our medical practice today for details about our services. She fights for equal healthcare because she sees it as a right and not a privilege. We are located behind the Camp Creek Marketplace shopping center.

What our patients love about us is the doctor, the clinic location, and the medical procedures. Perry-Gilkes is an enthusiast of innovations in minimally invasive sinus surgery. If you are experiencing this, come to our practice to be checked by our ENT doctor.

She is one of the best otolaryngologists in field and has gone beyond the minimal licensure requirement. Apart from that, she is also an active member of the Atlanta Chapter of the Links, Inc. Qualifications and Memberships Dr. She has shared her talents and skills on mission work, free of charge, to patients in the state of Kwara in Nigeria.

Many people are suffering from various allergies and experiencing symptoms, such as nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and runny nose.

Medical Assisting

Lisa Perry-Gilkes started her academics in Atlanta, where she graduated with honors in Spelman College. Perry-Gilkes also considered appropriate treatments needed for patients with sleeping disorders.

Since the completion of her residency, she has practiced in both California and Georgia while serving in multiple medical committees and teaching medical students. Quality Healthcare As a graduate from Howard University and a pillar of the otolaryngology community, Dr.

For problems involving your ear, nose or throat come to our trusted ENT doctor. Perry-Gilkes loved teaching, so she became a preceptor for the medical students of Ross University, where they learn about medical practices under her direct supervision.

This is a serious sleeping disorder where the patient suffers from episodes of complete cessation of breathing. In early development, this procedure had once required x-rays done in the operating room, but nowadays our otolaryngologist performs balloon sinuplasty using new advancements in an office setting.

While other practitioners have stopped accepting Medicaid and Medicare due to complicated restrictions and requirements of state and federal programs, Dr. It is a common procedure allowing us to determine the cause of the allergic reactions and treat them in the right manner.About Us.

Polaris Medical Group-ENT, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia, is a medical practice owned by ENT doctor, Dr. Lisa Perry Gilkes. With more than 27 years in practice, we perform the newest advanced treatments based on each individual patient's needs in a comfortable environment.

Polaris Medical Writing is located in Denver, Colorado. This organization primarily operates in the Health and Allied Services, nec business / industry within the Health Services sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 6 years.

Polaris Medical Writing is estimated to generate. The Polaris Group offers services designed to help you maintain Medicare compliance and ensure accurate reimbursement. As one of the leading consulting firms in the long term care industry, Polaris Group has over 20 years of experience in pioneering innovative programs and services for our clients.

Welcome to Polaris Medical Inc., leaders in patient care products. We are developing a website to serve you better and to provide you with unparalled choice in Safe Patient Handling products.

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Medical Assisting This accredited Polaris Medical Assisting program prepares adult learners for employment in a physician’s office, clinic, or hospital with the ability to perform administrative, clinical and laboratory procedures.

Prior to her Polaris and academic work, Ms. Meehan worked in the telecommunications industry for 15 years, consulting global telecommunications companies about implementing and positioning data services, developing course curricula, and writing technical network requirements.

Polaris medical writing companies
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