Should students be required to take

Another aspect of this is that there is so much more than just being an artist or musician. With online learning programs, apps and Spanish classes, the opposing sides simply states that if a student wanted to learn a foreign language, such as Spanish, then they would.

Now, Virginia students will be required to complete at least one virtual course. Music and art teach students about precision, the science behind something, but also the feeling that goes into creating it. However, International Baccalaureate IB students are required to take four foreign language classes as part of their international education.

Even more personal than that, how would someone ever truly know if they wanted to be a musician or artist without first being able to experience it. Some others argue that speaking Spanish helps students to gain more opportunities when it comes to job hunting and to moving abroad which provokes the counter-argument that, again, students would learn Spanish on their own terms if they were interested in moving to a Spanish-speaking country.

Art and music are aspects of our society that are so prevalent in everyday life that not teaching student about them is leaving them at a disadvantage in life.

Why You Need to Take Gen Eds and How You Can Appreciate Them

The purpose of a college education is to not only make our future professionals and leaders erudite in their intended fields of study, but to also make them well-rounded.

Peter Satto, Health Science Teacher The Language of Medicine involves learning complex vocabulary and understanding human body systems.

Follow HuffPost Teen on. English majors will find that they have to enroll in some quantitative reasoning courses in addition to taking their literature and writing classes.

Therefore, high school foreign language education does not necessarily prepare students for the future, as other courses could. Most people would never learn if they want to become and artist or musician without first experiencing it, which would never happen in their spare time.

Although it is important for students to know the true basics of a foreign language, forcing students to take a certain amount of [these classes] is not a great idea.

Should Students Be Required to Take Spanish Classes?

Regardless of the specifics of each program, all high school students should be required to take a foreign language course in order to enhance multiple learning abilities, specifically decision-making skills, attention spans, and level of creativity.

I was asked if I wanted to play a brass instrument or sing. Music and art are such inspiring and world changing passions that never trying either of them should be considered a taboo in society.

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Data Protection Choices

Last year, faculty at Denver North High School admitted that students who had failed regular math and English classes were allowed to cheat when they retook online versions of the courses. Everyone has a similar stress relief, but they come in different forms like drawing.

After choosing playing an instrument, I was then given the choice between the cornet, trombone, or a smaller tuba-like instrument.


Share on Twitter Click me! To not even learn about music or art, let alone participate, leaves the average person at a major disadvantage, because music and art are easily two of the most powerful forces in human society. Although many students argue that having a mandatory foreign language course increases the amount of coursework and homework students have, the skills learned from learning another language offset this added workload, helping students to benefit in the long run.

For example, in IB French, students are exposed to various aspects of the French culture in order to aid in their learning of the language. That could cause already cash-strapped districts to strike deals with lower-cost, less-reputable online course operators. In order to do this, the school system would have to change their graduation requirement, allowing students to have more freedom in their classes while also better preparing themselves for the future.

A similar process can be transferred to why studying music or art should be required.

Should the Arts be Required?

In the UK, French and German classes are taught as part of the national curriculum in secondary schools, as well as multiple other languages such as Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese being taught as optional extras.

Passing the class only required passing a single test, so the students began taking the exam over and over again to figure out the answers. Without ever going down this path in my past, I would never have learned that playing music on the trumpet, ukulele, upright bass, mandolin or any other instrument I might want to learn would become an integral part of who I am.

No peer-reviewed long-term academic research indicates that virtual K courses can lead to similar student achievement results as traditional in-person education, and some evidence shows that online learning actually hurts students.

So, why do colleges require their students to study these general subjects that they may have already partially covered in high school? Using music theory to create a song that is "technically" perfect in terms of timing and pitch will sound like garbage if there is no feeling or finesse from the artist injected into the piece.

Students were also allowed to to use the internet to look up answers to questions.Should the Arts be Required? By Murray Rosenbaum As school budgets shrink, the question of if schools should require students to take a music or art class for at least a semester is brought up.

Apr 11,  · Roughly 11 percent of students in the audited year graduated without the required two years of a foreign language. This was not a problem with data entry. This was not a problem with data entry. There was no mistake. Should High School Students Be Required to Take Online Classes?

Should High School Students Be Required to Take Online Classes? Passing the class only required passing a single test, so the. Oct 12,  · I believe students should be required to take drug tests at random, not just athletes.

Schools should have random screenings once a month. This will cause students to be more cautious about partying on weekends. This is a neck and neck debate that has continued for many years and still has not come to a solid conclusion.

According to statistics, 47% of people believe that’s an essential part of life that students should learn Spanish while in school while 53% do not. As I.

Should High School Students Be Required to Take Online Classes?

So, if you are an incoming college freshman -- be prepared. Although college will a be a fantastic time for you to learn more about yourself and the subject you excel in through the study of your chosen major, you must still be ready to take the courses that you may not want to take.

Should students be required to take
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