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During the mourning of his death they perform a bangle breaking ceremony. You can see that she is now deciding this on her own without her tradition or beliefs getting in the way.

Clothes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni By: At the bride-viewing she will meet her new husband and his family Sumita the american clothes by the very first time, and they will choose whether she is a suitable wife or not. However, she feels lucky and even falls in love with her husband.

Next, Sumita is dressed for her bride-viewing in a light pink sari which signifies marriage, luck and possibility.

Clothes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Her transition in this section is from daughter to wife. He was attempting to earn extra money for he and his wife so that they could move into a place of their own. This choice seems to suggest that Sumita is reverting back to tradition as a way of escape, but a mourning bangle breaking ceremony takes place that add additional meaning to her choice.

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Sumita has assigned this meaning to the color of the shirt without relying on the traditions of the past to inform her choices on how to think of a thing. Now luck and possibility traveled with her. Transition to life in America In the United States, Sumita experiences the transition between herself as wife and herself as woman.

The story starts off with the bride to be in a yellow sari preparing to meet her future husband by bathing in a lake.

Her appropriate choices in color and attire, which also reflect her appropriate status and upbringing, make her a perfect selection to be chosen by the prospective husband to be. The multi-colored shards might represent the fact that right now her life has shattered like the bracelets and she is scattered in a place that she is not familier with.

The complacent happiness of yellow gave way to the possibilities of an unknown future of blue where the sky was the limit and only luck was her guide. On the long plane ride to the United States, Sumita has donned herself in a blue sari. This immersion in water is calming to the maiden and she finds that her anxieties in marrying a man she has never met have lessened because of it.

Many of the expectations for the West do not meet with the reality and in most cases Sumita is happily surprised: Therefore the bride-viewing-clothes symbolize her future and the transition from one phase of her life to another — from being a young woman to becoming a wife to finally becoming a widow: While this may only appear as one color in a choice of many, Sumita experiences it as the newness of life in the United States, the newness of living the American life.

The choice to wear white There are many cultures and countries in which the color white signifies being clean, chaste, and pure. Once chosen as the perfect wife Sumita has to take a plane ride to the United States.

Sumita in blue for her travels Sumita must continue to exemplify this perfection as an ideal bride and then wife.Tilo in The Mistress of Spices, Jayanti in Silver Pavements, Golden Roofs or Sumita in “Clothes” (Arranged Marriage), are all „willing‟ diaspora, willing to be a part of the American Culture.

Sumita's husband is killed at his workplace by a man with a gun, and now Sumita has to choose between a life with her in-laws or move back to India but she choose to put her American clothes on, and not go back to her home country. Once in America you see that Sumita is now starting to transition from wife to woman.

Her husband buys her American clothes and she proudly tries them on and shows them of in the mirror for him.1/5(1). English "Clothes" short story. STUDY. PLAY. Sumita Once in America you see that Sumita is now starting to transition from wife to woman.

Her husband buys her American clothes and she proudly tries them on and shows them of in the mirror for him. One of the pieces is a T-shirt that is the color of sunrise orange.

Symbolism in "Clothes" Examples of conventional symbols - saris Group 5 - Symbolism Amifatu Bangaru The change in clothes mark something for Sumita.

What does the Sari symbolize compared to what the new American clothes symbolize? 4. Somesh has dreams and aspirations for both him and Sumita. The short store “Clothes” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is about a young Indian woman, Sumita, and her cultural transition to America that is symbolized by her clothes and the color of her clothes.

She experiences culture shock, but she eventually discovers her own identity through the American clothes, her relationship with Somesh, and.

Sumita the american clothes by
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