Why did the first world war last so long essay

Also inthe alliance between Germany and Russia was dropped. It was figured that if Germany was kept isolated they would eventually run out of resources and have to surrender as they were fighting a war on two major fronts, the Eastern and Western fronts. On July 23, Austria-Hungary delivered an ultimatum to Serbia, with a 48 hour time limit.

The Austrians declared war on Serbia on July 28, wondering what Russia would do in response. Then France was pulled in because of the Triple Entente, and then Britain. The assassination was not organised by the Serb Government, however Austria felt the need for revenge.

The machine gun was showed to the British and German high commands who copied the design in to create the British Vickers gun, the German Maschinengewehr and the Russian Pulemyot Maxima. The reinforcement from this new weaponry made it even more difficult for an infantry advance.

The Triple Alliance stated that if either Austria-Hungary or Germany found itself at war, the other would be forced to help. This plan was designed at a time when Russia was weakened by the Russo-Japanese war, so it required that Russia is slow to mobilise, and had diminished troops.

So, the First World War started by a series of many complex events. On August 4, German troops invaded Belgium.

A product of this revolution was an arms race that led to the improvement and expansion of armed forces and their equipment. This caused many new advances in all fields and a substantial change to the way of life for everyone alive at the time.

It started as a small war so Austria-Hungary could get revenge on Serbia, then, Germany was forced to join in due to the Triple Alliance. Attempts by troops to attack across this land were often cut down in their thousands causing horrific casualty rates.

By the outbreak of war German armed forces already had 12, machine guns and ended up havingby the end. Germany issued two ultimatums at that time, both with a 12 hour limit: When it received no response, the British declared war on Germany.

Because of Britains many colonies, overseas countries like Australia and Canada joined in. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. For years he had wanted an attack on Serbia or Italy, and this was the excuse he needed.

After the initial German advance through Belgium and into France was stopped at the River Marne the two sides dug complex trench systems. Russia mobilised their army on July 30, preparing for war against Austra-Hungary.

New weaponry was created on both sides of the conflict, some of which were brought in during the later years of the war, not always at the beginning.

Why the First World War lasted so long Essay Sample

This caused the two sides to create strong defensive positions in which the troops were out of the line of fire of these machine guns, these dug out positions became known as trenches. Ever sinceGermans had been worried that France would attack them, so they sought alliances with the other major European nations, so France would be isolated.

They suggested that retribution against Serbia through diplomatic channels.The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was a trigger to World War One, but according to many historians, they clai Fair Use Policy; Help Centre; Get it right the first time & learn smarter today.

Place an Order. Home; Writing Services. Essay Services Why Did Germany Lose The First World War History Essay. Why did World War I last so long? The First World War began on July and lasted till the armistice call from Germany in November World War or the Great War involved global powers assembled in two opposing alliances: at the beginning of the war, The Allies consisted of.

Why did Germany lose World War One? World War One was a war between several countries in Europe. It is called a world war because it was the first war which affected so many countries all over the world.

It took place from July to November View Essay - (Essay) Why did the First World War last so long? from HY at University of London The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Why did World War I last so long?

Between and neither military. In this essay I will investigate and explain why the First World War started, how Britain became involved and why British soldiers had to fight in the war. Everyone thinks the war started because archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot in Bosnia, but there is more to it then that.

Why the First World War lasted so long Essay Sample. The First World War () was a war that lasted substantially longer than anyone anticipated.

Why did the first world war last so long essay
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