Young living business plan template

You want to keep the momentum going and keep your business growing.

Young Living Business Card Template

Listen and share a drop of oil with them. Be aware of the people around you and the issues they are dealing with. Of course, this page is all about selling oils online There are still plenty of opportunities to sell oils in person, host parties, do teaching events, and more.

You need to keep up to date with any important news but most importantly, you need to respond to any interest. People are curious, they will often ask questions. One mistake network marketers often make is they slow down or even stop their marketing during summer months. You have access to several sources of free sharing graphics.

Post Daily on your Facebook Page — Daily posting is very important. Let the conversation flow naturally. Then send them a nice direct message later saying something that relates to the conversation you had.

One source is here: What kept you from doing Young Living initially? They are great conversation starters. Just a teaser comment. There are lots of ways to do this that feel natural and easy.

Check in every morning and evening with email and Facebook. A drop card is not the same as a business card. I recommend setting a goal of passing out at least 10 a day. Wear clothes and accessories with Young Living logo on them.

When you make a new contact, take your phone out and connect with them on Facebook. Once you get these basics complete, start to share and sell!

Starting Your Young Living Business In 5 Easy Steps

Remember, busy times are the best because you usually come across more people to talk to. I often have people comment on how good I smell and ask what am I wearing.

There are some great options on the Young Living Gear website.Business Resources.

The Young Living Opportunity - YouTube ; The Young Living Opportunity - Vimeo Young Living Independent Distributor PowerPoint Template Option #1; Young Living Independent Distributor PowerPoint Template Option #2; Young Living Independent Distributor PowerPoint Template Option #3 Compensation Plan.

Starting Your Young Living Business In 5 Easy Steps STEP 1: Get Your Sales Link First, you want to get your sales link so that when people order oils, YOU get credit! This entry was posted in Daily Planner, Essential Oils, Marketing Material, Planner, YL Blends, YL Planner and taggedARC Notebook System, Blends, Essential oils, Organizer, Planner, Printables, Staples, The Oil Posse, Young Living on September 5, by Jordyn Lei.

“Young Living: Launched” was created out of a necessity for a strategic system to learn the Young Living business in a smart and simplistic way.

This training system is not the only way to build a Young Living organization, but it is the culmination of years of trial, errors and success. Young living business card template.

Obviously you’re going into business since you own a passion for something, if it be knitting, gardening, or some other reason. It’s about developing your.

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Young living business plan template
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